As adults we tend to take a lot of what we know for granted. We were so young when we learned how to cut with scissors, place small items into a jar or even hold a pencil that we don’t ever remember not knowing how to do those things. No baby is innately born with the knowledge of how to do these things and instead it is something each of us is taught. As with any skill the more you practice the better you get. Athletes know this all too well. Michael Phelps and Apolo Anton Ohno didn’t just jump in the pool or skate around a rink once and win all of those Olympic medals. Heck no, they practiced every day for many hours each day. And be sure, for children practicing ad developing motor kills is as important, as preparing for Olympic games. But unlike athlets, they need their ‘excercises’ to be fun and enjoyabe. And what can grab their attention and keep engaged than favourite characters, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse and their friends or other Disney characters.

Practicing fine motor skills allows children to develop the strength and dexterity needed to ultimately perform better both academically and physically. There is a variety of activities that children can participate in, but coloring is absolutely one of the best. Using crayons is an excellent way to teach children the correct grasp for holding a pencil while giving them a creative outlet. And thats where we are ready to help. At our website you’ll find a Mickey Mouse coloring pages as well as many other characters ready to be printed and colored by your little ones. Just click to the one you like and simply print it.

Whether it’s tracing shapes, connecting dots or coloring a picture – every kid loves to use crayons. You can see the concentration in the little face as your kid tries so hard to trace a shape or stay within the lines. Initially there will be a lot of ‘scribble scrabble’, but it doesn’t matter – we have a loads of Mickey Mouse printable coloring pages for practicing the correct grasp for holding a pencil, being creative and having fun! That’s what learning should be all about! As to learning, for kids coloring pages are the greatest way to learn about all holidays in the calendar, such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines day and even their own Birthday.

Having coloring books in the house is great, but if your kids are like mine, yesterday’s favorite character is often replaced by the newest thing on the market. If I bought a new coloring book every time their favorites changed, I’d have a stack of coloring books with only 2 or 3 pages colored, plus it would cost me a fortune. To save money a good idea is to get coloring pages onine. and this website is a great place for finding free Mickey Mouse coloring pages to print and keep your children engaged!